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Emotional Eating Course 

8 week

Emotional Eating Course

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Everyone has a different relationship with food. And some of us have behaviours around food that we’d rather do without. But even though we know they’re not good for us, some behaviours persist. Why is that?

Often when we experience emotions that are too painful, we seek food as a comfort. This is the driving force basis of every one of our food behaviours. If we want to change these behaviours we need to understand the emotions that drive them.

In this course we will help you to discover more about yourself, your day-to-day thought processes and the emotional triggers that drive our behaviours. We’ll also look at how to learn self-love, compassion and self-esteem. Using these tools you will be able to understand the roots of your food behaviours and take actions to eradicate them for good.

This isn’t a diet and we don’t buy into the mentality of diet culture. We don’t promise immediate results but we can assure you that the results will be life changing.

Who am I?

I’m a psychotherapist and yoga teacher who has worked in the area of food behaviours since 2012. I’m currently doing a PhD on the effects of yoga/meditation on emotionally driven eating habits. My aim is to marry the best of Western and Eastern wellness knowledge and I’ve studied many forms of yoga in India in order to do so.

What you will get;

• Eight modules, one delivered straight to your inbox each week

• A workbook with tools and techniques to support the module

• A yoga class, meditation or breathwork session each week for you to keep.

• Access to private Facebook group for extra support (optional but encouraged)

• Access to me through email or social media at any stage to answer all your questions

To learn more about this course or to sign up, please get in contact.​

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