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These sessions consists of techniques I’ve learned from my years spent working as a psychotherapist specialising in weight management, coupled with yogic practices that are renowned for their healing abilities. This is an all encompassing approach to tackling this difficult issue and will take a holistic view of the problem and the person, rather than focusing solely on food. 

In these sessions, we’ll look at the emotional reasons which lead you to eat and teach you how to intervene before binging occurs.


Together we will identify triggers and put in place a plan of action to ensure that these are minimised. We also look at any other areas that may be affected by emotional eating, from physical ailments to relationships. 

Most importantly, you will learn how to still the mind and sit in meditation. Through meditation and deep self reflection, you’ll learn to understand your triggers and how to observe and evaluate a situation before reacting.


We will decide together how many sessions will be required, however at least five are recommended. 


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Yoga at Home


Laura Moran

M.A Psychotherapy

PhD Researcher - Emotional Regulation

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