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Emotional Eating - What is your Experience?

What is the Research About?

The research aims to look at people's experience of emotional eating. This will be done initially with an online survey and followed up with an interview with those who wish to participate. The survey will be totally anonymous unless you decide to leave your email address for future contact. The data generated from this interview will form the basis of a yoga course specifically designed for the needs of emotional eaters.

Take survey here

The secondary stage of the research will involve a pilot yoga course which participants will be reviewed and evaluated.

What Do I have to Do?

  • Fill in the online survey. This will take no more than 5 minutes. At the end of the survey there is an option to leave your email address if you also wish to take part in the interview process.

  • If you decide to move to the interview process, we will arrange a day and time of your choice. Interviews will most likely take place over Zoom. The interview will be semi- structured to allow you space to talk about your experiences.

  • All those who take part in the interview process will receive free yoga classes designed specifically for them. 

  • If participants choose, they will then be encouraged to give the feedback and input into how the course could be improved to meet their needs better.

Will I be Recorded?

The interview process will be recorded as themes will need to be analyzed to create the course. Recordings may also have to be submitted to the college. Your recording will be stored safely and privately and will not ever be used in a different context or shown on public spaces e.g. social media. You can withdraw your consent to use your recording at any stage during the interview process.


You will not be recorded engaging with the yoga course - you will have complete privacy in this regard. 

Where is this Research Going?

The research is being conducted under the guidance GRO (graduate research office) in LIT and sponsored by Ascend under Social ConneXions.  The initial stages of the research are being conducted under the award of MA with the latter stages aiming towards PhD status. 

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